Today in the city Edmonton 20.07.2018

Canada’s Best Cities For Jobs And Affordable Homes Are Very Different From 5 Years Ago

The West is out, and government towns are in.That might be an oversimplification of what's happening with Canada's regional economies, but it nicely summarizes the results of a new ranking from Bank o...

Severe weather, risk of tornado in the Edmonton area on Friday

Up to tennis ball sized-hail will be the main threat with the severe thunderstorms, and there's a risk of a tornadoes around Edmonton in the afternoon and evening hours.

Indigenous golfer Skyesong Alexis heads for nationals, despite hurdles and cost

One of Alberta's top women golfers rarely gets out for a round, and even then, it's usually just nine holes. But the 29-year-old's strong showing in her amateur debut has earned her a spot at the nati...

This K-Days is the 1st of 5 under new land contract with City of Edmonton

Get a good look around at K-Days, because over the next five years the Exhibition Lands are going to start to change. Redevelopment plans are well underway, says the project manager overseeing the tra...

Ottawa contributing $40-million to railway crossing project in Edmonton

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Tuesday that the federal government will contribute $40-million to a new railway crossing in Edmonton. The city and Alberta will cover the remaining $47-million...

Driver, 60, charged for 'intentionally' hitting 85-year-old pedestrian

A 60-year-old woman has been charged with aggravated assault after an 85-year-old woman was struck by a vehicle Wednesday at a west Edmonton KFC restaurant.

Donna Elder, Edmonton Driver, Charged With ‘Intentionally’ Running Over 85-Year-Old

A 60-year-old Edmonton driver has been charged with aggravated assault, after she allegedly used her SUV to target a 85-year-old woman that she knew.The victim was outside of a KFC restaurant near the...

Specialty bikes belonging to international racing team stolen from Edmonton facility

Edmonton police are asking people to keep an eye out for 10 unique bicycles that were stolen from a cycling facility earlier this week.

Pot use highest among Millennials in Edmonton, lowest in communities with high immigrant populations

New data paints a wide-ranging portrait of Canada’s marijuana scene — medicinal and illicit — three months before its recreational use becomes legal across the country on Oct. 17.

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